Words Hurt & Words Heal

 I have too many shits to give already
I donโ€™t intend to give no more
Gone is the time when every little critique
Pricked me right to the core

I burn in fumes for a second
It pinches as it should
Yet I donโ€™t let myself succumb to it
I save my fuel for the good

I remember the time Iโ€™d waste
Over guilts, mind at war
I rather be calm than impulsive
I know itโ€™s not worth anymore

Iโ€™m trying to overlook harsh words
When it haunts back too loud
I put them in a poem
Someday Iโ€™d read out aloud

I know thereโ€™s no ill intention
But words are powerful my friend
They cut through and heal
They're everything you do or donโ€™t intend

Maybe Next Time

 I donโ€™t know
 This ainโ€™t new
 This strong endorsement
 That I have for you
 I mean I open your chat
 Enter the text box
 I have so many things to say
 Connect all those dots

 I run back to my pages
 To structure my thoughts
 But they still lay impatient
 Scuffling to unbox
 I close my eyes
 Itโ€™s the same old smile
 I came too far for this
 Need to walk an extra mile

 You are in my search list
 I donโ€™t like to archive
 You are in the records
 I would play while I drive
 I gush through anecdotes
 That I wish were true
 You are my affirmation
 When Iโ€™m misconstrued

 You are the trophy
 Won in toughest battles
 You are the treasures
 I need to build my castle
 I still donโ€™t know
 Itโ€™s been more than an hour
 Iโ€™ve got so much to say
 Maybe next time, with some flowers 

Image by A_Different_Perspective from Pixabay

Candy Days

I choose colourful pictures
because these are candy days
I've got an ocean to outpour
a zillion emotions to save

I've a colossal stretch of work
many books awaiting to be read
Thoughts to share and people to meet
but work is probably insane

Don't confound my occupied schedule
as I compare it with candy days
Days like these I love
Days like these keep me sane

On the Other Side

Its crazy how the worldย 
Can be and not be like we want
Its crazy we try so hard
To fit in
But i think like this
We are ourselves
I am just me
And you are just you
They are just them
Please excuse my writing
Because it doesn't make sense right now
But hey, you will come out of this
One day
And you'll be as proud of yourself
As I am proud of you
This time is struggle
And we are fighters
I will see you on the other sideย 
Of the victory ground.
I wish I were there for you
To make your short breaks worthwhile
Refresh you in the little moment you got
Help you push yourself a little more
To make you feel you're beautiful inside out