I haven’t written a blog post on our Independence day until this time. I don’t know, perhaps growing old makes you feel a tad bit more responsible towards being a true citizen. Our schools did their jobs well for instilling the sense of nationalism in our hearts. We are proud of our country, no matter what we say, and everytime the beat goes on, “Sare Jahan Se Acha, Hindustan Hmara” we beam with a different kind of feeling, one that is inexplicable.

I think about everything and everyone I can, who fought their lives because of which I am sitting here peacefully at my table today and typing this piece. Being free would vary, in literal sense. But just imagine, not being able to express your voice, or having to follow a dictator, or keeping shunn with a law that you are against. What we have now, I sure do not take that for granted and I am aware of the struggle that went behind it. I am also aware of the struggle ongoing to make sure I can keep safe. I am aware that I am equally a part of this mob, and I know my share of work and I am on it.

I believe it will never feel enough, whatever we do. However, knowing that we are trying to contribute, in whatever possible way, is all the matters.

Cheers to 75 years of freedom, and beyond.

Happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends, fellow bloggers, and family.

Streets Of Dalidovinds

In the miniatures of mirage
the hot sands, the gusty winds
He was an ocean I discovered
Midway of deserted Dalidovinds

In darkest atmosphere
In fear, in spooky blends
He was the light I received
To help me strive till the end

The one who stood by
In happiness, in sorrows
He was the silent keeper
In emptiness, in hollows

He was a wonder to know
An illuminating soul, untamed
He's all I loved too much
A thousand smiles in his name

Originally written in 2014


Everytime I pull myself up
You come knocking with lilies
I peep through the keyhole
And I know how I love it

I'd been longing for flowers
you sell the best ones too
I abstain opening the doors
For I'd stopped buying from you

The last time you traded
roses full of thorns
Has still got me bruises
From things I still adorn

Yet I open the door
End up buying those lilies
Through my bleeding hand
Creeps in the willies


People can put you through shit
And yet act like it's your fault

Then they'll do that over again
And say they were just afraid

You'll see them spill out what's in them
Only to realize you were in delusion

That's how you know you were but the one
Know your worth and walk away

I know it hurts to know not everything
you thought and dreamt and felt was true

But never let them take you for granted love
And never let them take away the best in you