Everytime I pull myself up
You come knocking with lilies
I peep through the keyhole
And I know how I love it

I'd been longing for flowers
you sell the best ones too
I abstain opening the doors
For I'd stopped buying from you

The last time you traded
roses full of thorns
Has still got me bruises
From things I still adorn

Yet I open the door
End up buying those lilies
Through my bleeding hand
Creeps in the willies

Maybe Next Time

 I don’t know
 This ain’t new
 This strong endorsement
 That I have for you
 I mean I open your chat
 Enter the text box
 I have so many things to say
 Connect all those dots

 I run back to my pages
 To structure my thoughts
 But they still lay impatient
 Scuffling to unbox
 I close my eyes
 It’s the same old smile
 I came too far for this
 Need to walk an extra mile

 You are in my search list
 I don’t like to archive
 You are in the records
 I would play while I drive
 I gush through anecdotes
 That I wish were true
 You are my affirmation
 When I’m misconstrued

 You are the trophy
 Won in toughest battles
 You are the treasures
 I need to build my castle
 I still don’t know
 It’s been more than an hour
 I’ve got so much to say
 Maybe next time, with some flowers 

Image by A_Different_Perspective from Pixabay