The Day I Took a Right Turn

October 26th, 2016 
 3:00 pm
 It was announced there won’t be any more classes after the recess, while I was still busy jotting down my absent notes. See I don’t really like freaking out with ‘copying of notes’ thing but I usually do that to keep myself busy or say avoid talking with people. Yes people upset me many a times. The hustle-bustle led me to wind up the work and leave. As I headed towards the staircase, something provoked me to get back to my room. There I made up my mind. I’d take a right turn instead of the left (cause left headed to the hostel) to comprehend the voices of my heart. But Gosh! I missed my diary back in my drawers. So I rushed to my room, grabbed my diary, my clutch, and my favourite book-’Rumi The Book of Love’(Nah, I was in no romantic mood) and walked my way towards the park. The best thing is that the park being nearby, gave me a chance to observe the world around while taking a walk to it.

I usually walk straight and try not to goggle at people. I wanted to wave to the chai-wali masi, but I didn’t. I saw people staring and I stared back in disgust. Today there seemed less people on the road. Maybe cause I’d hardly been out in the afternoon here. The path seemed infinity and I kept walking, with all these thoughts swirling inside my head. Now I sit here in-front of the park-gate, wondering about the reasons which drove me here, to somewhere solace, in complete solitude.

You know what, yesterday I watched “PINK”, which many of you might have already seen. And from the very last night this thing is going on in the back of my mind.
 Why are we afraid?
 Yes, this is my question. Why?
 And how do people get to frighten us? Are they AL-Qaeda’s hired lots with a gun in their back pockets who are going to kill us if we go against?
 My friends say that I’m strong enough to stand tall and face the worst of situations. They say just look straight into their eyes and tell ’em you are not one from the common lots. I’m sure everyone who loves you would tell you the same. Or, they may ask you to ignore them cause “they” weren’t born as smart as you were!
 But my ignorance won’t stop them, will it?
 And will my fighting back?
 Yes we fall weak in-front of four men. Why? We’re afraid to stop there and feed to them some pretty words of appreciation of what an asshole they are .Why are we afraid? Because they have a little more power in their biceps or cause some wrecked society told them that we’re born submissive?
 I like this place. The mild sun-rays falling from the canopy of dense trees, the birds chirping, the stillness of trees, the long endless path that I see inside of the gate, it’s all beautiful. Why don’t people come to such places and let go the evil in their heart. Why don’t they lead a life, a nice one, as nice people? Why don’t they clear their eyes of how they look at a woman?
 And again my heart asks me the very question-Why are we afraid? 😦
 India is a country which is growing immensely on industrial, education, financial and blahblahblah fronts but still, the gap between the genders is huge. We rank 108 all over the world in gender equality with an average of only 68%. People, we need to bridge this up. Yes, it’s we, our generation; so that our daughters don’t face what we face. So that they live safe as we’ve lived never before.