Saturday Morning Feelings!

Yesterday when you mentioned the guy
Well, I wasn't surprised

See I know you love me I'm rare
I'm lucky to have you lil' bear

I share my tiny details of life with you
'Cuz I know you deserve to know

So it didn't kill me when you hid updates
'cause I've been there back in the date

Yes I am angry and I won't show
Just the way you didn't let me know

You've lost the right to yell at me
when I forget to tell you things

We promised to tell each other everything
Oh! What a lie I've been living

So maybe one day you come through this (which you won't)
I hope things be better than what it's now

And go read his poems ask me to explain the verse
When you never bother to cross my blogs

Best friends fight you should know
I just have a different way to show

It's all on the surface I know you love me and I love you
But if I'm not your priority then you shouldn't show!

High Hope

I don’t wanna die as yet

Even though I prayed for it last night

I think I was not in the right state of mind

I am swimming in the sea of despair

I know I will come out of it stronger

And I believe in my God, he will save me

I believe that all this won’t go to waste

Ad being patient today will take me to a place

That is free from endless crying and laments

That is free of darkness, abuses, and blames


It's warm here
Yet it doesn't stop to rain
There's storm too
But that's just in the head

It gets heavy
so the cloud bursts open
Thunder and lightening
damage the cables

For damaged doesn't work
I try not to think
soon it'll be
time to get up


Everytime I pull myself up
You come knocking with lilies
I peep through the keyhole
And I know how I love it

I'd been longing for flowers
you sell the best ones too
I abstain opening the doors
For I'd stopped buying from you

The last time you traded
roses full of thorns
Has still got me bruises
From things I still adorn

Yet I open the door
End up buying those lilies
Through my bleeding hand
Creeps in the willies


People can put you through shit
And yet act like it's your fault

Then they'll do that over again
And say they were just afraid

You'll see them spill out what's in them
Only to realize you were in delusion

That's how you know you were but the one
Know your worth and walk away

I know it hurts to know not everything
you thought and dreamt and felt was true

But never let them take you for granted love
And never let them take away the best in you