Feeling so impatient
Running train of thoughts
Planning and unplanning 
Those that we abort

Unusual the feeling
Heart racing a marathon
Gut wrenching distress
What’s going on?

Sitting right up
To slip through the pillow
Only chemicals
None that mellows

Such an edgy soul
On cloudy summer noon
Some days are like that
For some they return too soon

Bleeding Friendships

Don't friends fight sometimes
In the end reconcile too?
I'm in hope, that maybe someday
We can row in one boat and
Laugh out loud like we always do?

The bygone days can't come back
But we can plan trips, no?
When everything's back to normal
And possibly there're chances to meet
Can we get together some place too?

Even street side dahi puchka is good
When I share the plate with you
So let's just meet for a cup of tea
Making memories for a lifetime
Till the next time I see you two?

Let's forgive each other at once
Restart like we did as sophomores?
Let's just stop feeling this low
Let's just stop being so cruel
Let's just love each other true?

Dubiosity of the Lost

When I told you I missed you
It was true
When I see we can be friends
you don’t see what I do
When I sit at my chair here
I feel my Monday blues
No empathy, so sympathy
Why the world’s so rude?

Confusion, delusion
I’m turning sore
No place left to find
what I’m looking for
Decisions, ambitions
backfiring the life we swore
This endless wait
when I stop missing home


Longing For Home


It’s the second time in months
The first in December it was
That longing became a reality
That missing home came crashing
Until it hit me right at my core
I remember last night how everything seemed worthless
The work and this being thousand miles away
Seeing them grow old, oh I can’t see that too
Is it too much to ask for?
Here I am, saving chunks so that I can head home
Oh, am I saving really, I am afraid
Just hopelessly living in this hope
That someday, maybe.


It feels as though I’m an irresponsible citizen

It’s rising in flames, I’m caught up in my job

I see kids begging, or selling things they’re forced upon

I don’t stop by and ask why,Β  my break hour is limited

I was late in buying gifts to the girls working at my PG

They are gone, with the gifts lying in my cupboard

It feels as though the void is piercing deep

What the heck am I even doing?