Missing You

Everyday I wake up with a hope

A hope so positive

A hope that this wait will be over

And I’ll be next to you

You are in my heart on my mind

All the time

In my prayers in my dreams

Is what I see

Your love is what I long

Just two days that you’ve gone

And there is this missing

Major missing it is

Come home soon mommy daddy

Be well and come

It’s difficut without you

Or more difficut is it over there?



If only I could…
If only I could unravel the secrets of rime
You stood by me that dark misty night
I’d crawl back in time to dive deeper
Unfurling the mysteries of those beautiful eyes

If only I could make you see
The labyrinth of our connectedness
We became parent at same nursing home
You got Aanvi and I was gifted Arhaan