About Me

Hi folks,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m so humbled you are here. I’m a deeply sensitive person who finds a way to let out emotions in the form of poetry (mostly, but not limited to).

I don’t call myself a writer or poet, yet. I recently updated my blog name from Poetess To Be❀️ to Unchained – Wild & Free Thoughts. I thought the former was too childish and it was a little too long ago that I came up with that. I started writing when I was sixteen, so it’s been almost a decade now.

Professionally, I’m a software engineer, but then profession and passion can not always be the same, eh? Well, maybe in the future, who knows? (Wink)

I write solely to outpour my feeling and anything and everything that crosses my mind. So I’m not up for site monetization, collaboration, or competitions. Not on this personal website at least. (I don’t mind advertising my self published books though :P)

It is always nice and encouraging to hear what you feel or think about my posts. I just love potential readers on my site and you guys are very much welcome here.

Here is a simple way for us to connect. thoughtprovokinglines@gmail.com