The human heart is so tender, it fights all monstrous thoughts to keep off the pain that once near, can cut it inside out. So it goes this way. It tries to convince you that the thing you do not have, is not even worth it. You make yourself believe you do not care or are good without it, tricking and manipulating your impotent mind. And then there is this emotional storm that evades all possible barriers you built inside in a go. Everything you built up, washes away with the surge tides. It’s bare now, everything as transparent as your naked heart and soul. And then your heart cries in pain. Because it knows what it wants, but it doesn’t know how to stop feeling the way it feels. It’s brutal you know.

Staying busy, stashes these thoughts somewhere I can’t access. However, when I get some ‘me time’, which is thankfully only on the weekends, it gets difficult to avert them from evading my space. Tonight is one such day of days, and I am not thinking straight.
So I thought I’d rather write them down here and let them go, while I take on another round of work to keep my head busy thinking elsewhere.