Yesterday when you mentioned the guy
Well, I wasn't surprised

See I know you love me I'm rare
I'm lucky to have you lil' bear

I share my tiny details of life with you
'Cuz I know you deserve to know

So it didn't kill me when you hid updates
'cause I've been there back in the date

Yes I am angry and I won't show
Just the way you didn't let me know

You've lost the right to yell at me
when I forget to tell you things

We promised to tell each other everything
Oh! What a lie I've been living

So maybe one day you come through this (which you won't)
I hope things be better than what it's now

And go read his poems ask me to explain the verse
When you never bother to cross my blogs

Best friends fight you should know
I just have a different way to show

It's all on the surface I know you love me and I love you
But if I'm not your priority then you shouldn't show!