People can put you through shit
And yet act like it's your fault

Then they'll do that over again
And say they were just afraid

You'll see them spill out what's in them
Only to realize you were in delusion

That's how you know you were but the one
Know your worth and walk away

I know it hurts to know not everything
you thought and dreamt and felt was true

But never let them take you for granted love
And never let them take away the best in you

9 thoughts on “Mending

  1. One thing I’ve learnt from my experience that we should never give someone that place in heart that they get full control and when they leave, it can hurt you. Our love for them could be very sincere, but we should always be ready for the worse. Right now, I’m afraid to give someone that place in my heart again, cause getting ignored hurts me a lot.
    Btw, sorry for the sob story , beautiful work.

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