I have too many shits to give already
I donโ€™t intend to give no more
Gone is the time when every little critique
Pricked me right to the core

I burn in fumes for a second
It pinches as it should
Yet I donโ€™t let myself succumb to it
I save my fuel for the good

I remember the time Iโ€™d waste
Over guilts, mind at war
I rather be calm than impulsive
I know itโ€™s not worth anymore

Iโ€™m trying to overlook harsh words
When it haunts back too loud
I put them in a poem
Someday Iโ€™d read out aloud

I know thereโ€™s no ill intention
But words are powerful my friend
They cut through and heal
They're everything you do or donโ€™t intend

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