My Collection of Poems

My laptop’s screensaver always read- “Write the book you want to read.”


So, I did!


This is something I’m grateful for, to every single force in the universe that helped me make this happen❀

For sample copies, contact me:)



6 thoughts on “My Collection of Poems

  1. Hi there. I just need one original copy of the book titled “My Collection Of Poems”.

    I purchased your first book “A SWEET DISASTER” on 22nd Aug. 2018 through online market Amazon. The story ❀.

    Please update me with your upcoming books.

    And i too need the sample copy and original book release date and link.

    Thank You. Kaushlendra (9955585509)


    1. I got the link of your new Kindle version e-book ENTANGLEMENT 😊. Thanks a lot for the new one. New story, New Life.

      Jugnu ( – a reader & listener. Love.

      Liked by 1 person

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