Write. That is what you’re made for!

This, I write to me, the ‘me’ who sometimes disguises herself from the fact that she can.

I always wait for an urge that would drive me crazy or compelling to write. Yes, today is no exception. However, this thing won’t work. This is also to all those who think they can write- ‘just write and let be’. That is one thing and all that makes you better at it. Remember about the compo which touched all your friends’ heart? Or the one that was appreciated by your English teacher back at school? C’mon you have your own favourite list as well. You don’t really need to wait for that best piece to drop by or an incredible idea to jumpstart your writing. Maybe in your way you come across something astonishing.

There are powers in the universe which make me realise what I’m meant for. I stick to them. So shall you.


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