Today I Got My First Book Published

It was a great moment when I saw the published version of ‘The Sweet Disaster’. All the goodwills started flowing in from there on. I was super happy and excited to share it to my friends. It wouldn’t have been possible without them. I was excited to tell mommy and daddy. I sent the link to my younger brother and asked him to show to them. He said he was not able to open the book. I told him that he needed to buy one but I’d send him a free copy sometimes later. Just then papa said from behind “I want to buy it. I’ll deposit 2k in your account”. I was like- papa❀ you make me happy like hell, I love you.


I never knew it meant soo much for him. Seeing his daughter’s first book published.


Here’s a link to it. I hope you also read it, review it and share in your circle. That would mean a lot to me.

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