If you asked me if I believe in love stories or not, I wouldnโ€™t say no. I can write a whole book on why love can be your sweetest muse. Perhaps, itโ€™s all but permanent. However, I would like to pen down something really different today. Something real. Something deep.

It was a cool summer night, the time just after a beautiful pour. I stood near the window by the staircase where I keenly observed how beautiful nature is and how some of us simply fail to acknowledge its serenity! And while I looked at the endless spell of the dim lights running through the dense trees and the light reflecting on the grasses, and the breeze touching my body, I felt a new zeal invoking me. Then there was this familiar voice- intriguing, captive and appealing. It was like peanut butter or say like honey coated dark chocolate or just a real human voice that Iโ€™m fond of; itโ€™s difficult to describe. The voice pulled in an urge to never lose a moment there.

The time of our lives is hard to be defined but trust me when the silence between two people works like magic even after years, thatโ€™s something worth being happy with damp eyes.

4 thoughts on “I Live While I Still Can

    1. Thank you so much, Sam, for taking out time to go through my blog. I’m grateful for the appreciation.

      You have a wonderful blog with a lovely collection of poems.

      Keep writing and spreading love.


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