Does Everything Happen For Good?

Okay, this is for everybody who has, for some or the other reason ever doubted on the “everything happens for good” thing.


I couldn’t have been happier the day when out of nowhere a dark glitch hit me. Digging out the deads, the demons tried to engulf the calmness of my serenity. I saw it all happen. I saw it all being senseless, baseless, and yet consuming inflammably. It consumed the tears, the trust, and how could I not mention time?


Later, things started falling into the right places, and I still wondered if things happen for good. I mean what good was a trecherous night born out of misunderstandings and presumptions?


Here I will tell you why. I hadn’t added a blogpost for I guess a couple of months until the day before. I was not too keen on submitting my entry into the training story contest. It all happened within a span of two to three days. Wow! What a trigger.


So, good things happen to make us know how lovely life could be. The bad ones happen because it is then we use our potential to the fullest and realise what we’re worth for. Pain pushes you into action. It is a necessary and inevitable part of us. You just cannot deny it because it came at the wrong time. How you turn it to make a change counts!

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