‘Some relations are worth giving away the grudges howsoever stingy it gets.’


“Family is my treasure”, said the nine year old. The people he was surrounded by were filled with love up to the brim. Life couldn’t be any cruel when families were meant to be like that. Be it taking him out to get him chocolates to playing with him indoors and outdoors, everyone’s lil’ star he was. As he grew, he kept discovering the lovely world. Was it really lovely to him till the end?

One by one, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of his life kept on distorting. His aunt who was like his second-mom, who used to buy him toys and take him to his favorite places, now scares the life out of him. After the incidences that took place in his sweet-sixteen, when his parents were in California, he started fearing her more. Now that he has shifted to New York, after selling all his property in Hyderabad, returning back to Granny’s home is always a reminisence of the deadly past. His aunt has now grown old. Her kids are in their youth. Lyba, elder of the two was his favorite sister whom he loved even more than his own sister. Lyba’s mom is as good to her as she was to him except that one thing she did to him. He feels at times asking her why she ever did it and that he loved her so much. Now there are feelings that cannot be expressed. It’s not exactly hatred, it’s love neither. None of them exists anymore. There is just a wish that he forgets the part of his life that has brought this type of insecurity within.


He had been in touch with Lyra lately. She was just five months elder to him so they were more like friends. She used to be busy in her work but once in two months she used to make some time for her loving brother. That one call from her would make his day. He would tell his friends that his sweet sister had called him that day. Things were pretty lovely when ugliness stepped in. One, two, three-consecuitive incidents in a row that reminded him of the worst of dreams he saw the other night. He saw a reflection of her aunt in Lyra and that she was attempting to do the same. He cursed him everyday of thinking like that about Lyra. He tried to act as normal as he could over the conversations. Things worsened and now he doesn’t wan’t to pick up Lyra’s call anymore. He is still not over with the way she had been talking to him from a couple of days. Okay, it’s cool enough for her to discuss anything and everything with him including how she loved the ‘Wolf of WallSteet’ and wanted a life like Leo but was the conversation getting weird as it trailed? He told her that she sounded drunk that day.She laughed and said she was in the middle of the movie and would call back later. He wished that she never called back with the same tone. There was this deliemma about why he had been feeling insecure. A part of him said to figure out the harsh truth that he saw every other day and the other convinced him of thinking too much.

Lost in the truth and lies of life on earth and eternity and of family’s love and enemosity, he keeps thinking about how beautiful these people had been to him not once but many a times. How they used to love him, play with him and share joys and sorrows. Some relations are worth giving away the grudges howsoever stingy it gets.

2 thoughts on “‘Some relations are worth giving away the grudges howsoever stingy it gets.’

    1. Thank You Ms. Bhavna..Thanks foe taking your time out to go through the post. I really appreciate that. Your’s is a lovely blog as well😊


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