The toughest part is not talking. When you let go of the conversation just because you feel you can mess things up, is what some of us do. Whenever I feel angry, low, or annoyed, I prefer not talking at all. This somehow exempts me from uttering out words which could later lead me to the feeling of regret.


The keeping inside of things is getting me furious. I wish I could just escape from this place. The place is weird, as weird as it could be. I always said I liked this place. This is getting heavy though. I guess there has been too much of what is undesirable and too little of what is desired. However, there is always a second path or atleast the end of this road.


At this moment, I just want to stop feeling the way I do. Maybe I want to stop having those nightmares, or my kinship from becoming too obvious or from leading an unplanned life. I don’t really know what my inner self is in search of, for when I know, is the moment I’ll find it out.



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