What Can Stop You?

So you feel like it’s not turning out the way you wanted, right? You seem to be hindered by these clumsy little junks. Just think, if these problems you are facing are larger than your envisaged dreams? Question yourself about how much hours you afford to lose under the umbrella of your grievances.

The left side of my face hurts. Perhaps it was some kind of venous insect bite that has spread its fluid across the cheek bone reaching the upper part of the lips. My friend is vexed due to those abscess that make him lose sleep and thus hampering his packed schedule. Another friend of mine lost her mother out of nowhere a week back. She was devastated. A friend of friend of mine died of brain cancer few days back.


My question is ‘What can stop you’? The perplexed situation you are undergoing or the trauma of your friend? Your inner self to whom you are unable to convince or the laziness that bumps in everytime you think of doing something? What is it that is stopping you from being happy? Stopping you from living every moment to the best of it?




Little did you realise, it’s you who is stopping you.

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